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We believe that good results start with a good relationship. Our collaborative partnerships consistently yield filtration solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s quality, productivity, handling and maintenance requirements. We strive to be your most valuable resource for standard and custome-made filtration products tailored to your specifications and needs

Benefit from our complete variety of metallic filter media that can be cleaned and reused.

They resist chemicals and mechanical wear, and have a maximum lifespan


Our metallic filter elements can be cleaned and reused, saving you time and money.

Our elements are used in most industries and with a wide variety of applications.

Spinpack Filters and Gaskets

IPRO can provide you with the complete set of elements used in spinpack filtration. This step is critical in the production of synthetic fibers (spinning), and we can improve and innovate on your traditional filtration process.



  • Any shape or dimensions
  • Assembly by spotwelding or frame
  • Pleated media available
  • Different alloys available
  • Also used in extrusion (film, profiles)


You can benefit from our metal-to-metal gaskets used in the polymer industry by the diversity of means of production and the quality of our toolings. Alloys available: aluminium, copper, nickel-plated copper, stainless steel, Inconel®, and more.

Filter Candles

Key features:
  • Assembly by welding
  • Crimping or bonding
  • Pleated or non-pleated media
  • Maximum length without intermediary jointing
  • Different dimensions available

Filter Baskets

Ideal for low-pressure filtration with the flow from the inside to outside. These can also be pleated to increase the filtration area.

Standard Product IPRO


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